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    • Arabinogalactan 99%

      Arabinogalactan is starch like polymer obtained from various plant sources however its concentration is highest from Larch species. It is used for numerous health benefits like HIV/AIDS, improving liver health, immunity, fighting against bacterial and viral infections. Its mechanism is through facilitating the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut.

    • Bacillus licheniformis

      B licheniformis offers more or less same benefits as other probiotics offer. It is able to produce some useful enzymes like amylase, proteases and antibiotic Bacitracin which kills harmful bacteria in the gut.

    • Common sage extract 10:1

      Sage is useful for treating a range of abdominal disorders like bloating, belching, gastritis, loss of appetite. It also acts on gut-neural axis positively and helps in depression and anxiety symptoms.

    • Egg Shell Membrane Powder

      Eggshell contains many beneficial nutrients for joint health like chondroitin sulfate, desmosine, collagen etc. These are unique in that these nutrients are absorbed when very well by body tissues and helps faster bone ailment recovery.

    • Enterococcus faecium

      It is generally added to the feed material to help livestock combat to harmful bacterial infection. It comprises a smaller portion of human gut microbiota.

    • LevoMenthol

      It an optical isomer of menthol. It is documented to be used in Pain, Sore mouth, Cough, Sore throat, Severe sore throat, Occasional minor irritation

    • Nattokinase 20000 FU

      Natto is boiled soybeans that have been fermented with a bacterium called Bacillus natto. Nattokinase is the active principle which is used for its blood thinning properties. It helps prevent blood clot formation, improves symptoms of atherosclerosis, DVT, Congestive heart failure etc.

    • Rehmannia extract 10:1

      Rehmannia is popular for treating adrenal suppression symptoms. In other words in neutralizes toxic effect of stress hormones. It is also used in the treatment of various autoimmune conditions like urticaria, allergy, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis etc. It is beneficial in impotence, baldness, and menopause.

    • Zinc Carnosine 12% ZN

      It is a polymeric complex of zinc and carnosine and very useful as a gastroprotective agent. It repairs damaged gut walls and very useful in the treatment of GERD symptoms.