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    • Arabinogalactan 99%

      Arabinogalactan is starch like polymer obtained from various plant sources however its concentration is highest in Larch species.

    • Bacillus licheniformis

      B licheniformis offers more or less same benefits as other probiotics offer. It is able to produce some useful enzymes like amylase, proteases.

    • Common sage extract 10:1

      Salvia officinalis is the botanical name of common sage. Common sage is also known as garden sage, common sage, or culinary sage etc.

    • Egg Shell Membrane Powder

      Eggshel contains many beneficial nutrients like chondroitin sulfate, desmosine, collagen etc. These are unique in that these nutrients are absorbed when very well by body tissues.

    • Enterococcus faecium

      It is a gram-positive, non hemolytic¬†bacterium. It comprises a smaller portion of human gut microbiota.  

    • LevoMenthol

      It an optical isomer of menthol. It is documented to be used in supplements too.

    • Nattokinase 20000 FU

      Natto is boiled soybeans that have been fermented with a bacterium called Bacillus natto. Nattokinase is the active principle.

    • Rehmannia extract 10:1

      Rehmannia is a plant and the extract obtained from it is called as rehmannia extract.

    • Zinc Carnosine 12% ZN

      It is a polymeric complex of zinc and carnosine.