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Botanical Name: Acacia senegal
Forms Available: Gum

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Acacia, an ayurvedic herb has the enormous potential of healing wounds, treating digestive problems, reducing fat, treating sore throat, maintaining oral hygiene, relief from pain and irritation of the skin. It helps in reducing  swelling in the liver, reducing symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, helps in reducinglLeukaemia, leprosy etc. From ancient time till today acacia had been the healer for various problems. Acacia is used as an ingredient in the detoxifying and cleansing procedure of skin. It also has other benefits in clotting of blood. History itself says when no medicines were there, herbs were the healer and now scientifically it is proven that these herbs are really beneficial for our health. Referring to the history geographical regions of the best quality of acacia herbs and successful scientific tests we say we have the best quality of acacia.