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Holy Basil

Botanical Name: Ocimum tenuiflorum
Bio-Markers: Ursolic Acid
Limits: 1.5%
Analysis: HPLC
Applications: Blood Sugar Support
Forms Available: Extract, Powder

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Holy basil is a plant. It is a sacred plant in India. Holy basil also known as “Tulsi”. It has many health benefits. It is helpful in treating certain diseases like influenza, common cold, swine flu, diabetes, asthma, earache, headache etc. It is also helpful in mercury poisoning. It lowers stress and anxiety. It improves cognitive function. It maintains sugar level in the body and thus prevents diabetes. It helps¬†protect the liver from toxin-induced damage. Tulsi is an excellent anti-oxidant. Tulsi reduced signs of pain, indicating¬†effectiveness as an analgesic.